This I Believe

Kids playing tag

Thank you to Lisa Thumann for including me in this intellectual game of tag.  Following the lead of Barry Bachenheimer, Lisa listed some key beliefs of her educational philosophy.  With a belly full of delicious banana pancakes (thank you Fiance’), I’m going to attempt the same:

I believe:

  • learning should be student centered.  Educators know this, but we’re often confined by curriculum, administration or simple lack of time.
  • educators, just like everyone else, need to be inspired by their leaders, and supported in their quest to achieve professional excellence.  This is not achieved by limiting professional development.
  • a school building should be the original “educational network” (thanks to Vicki Davis for the term).  Many of us communicate, share and collaborate online, while in our own schools teachers are reluctant to open their doors and their lesson plans in order to foster a community of learners. 
  • although Education is the business of learning, growing and changing, our society/politicians have not allowed Education to learn, grow or change as much as is needed to keep up with the 21st Century world.
  • there is hope.  There are many educators who love helping children learn about their world.  In my opinion, that’s half the battle.

Ann Oro and Dan Callahan …..TAG, YOU’RE IT!

3 responses to “This I Believe

  1. I really loved this blog! You are so right! A school is only as strong as the collaboration of each individual member. So many teachers are also unwilling to figure out how to make their teaching student-centered until an observation comes around. Professional development is also the key to showing teachers exactly how easy it can be! We advocated this year for professional development funding and (lo and behold) we succeeded! Whoo-hoo!

  2. amayala,

    Thanks for the response. Congratulations on the $$ for professional development. Keep in touch and let me know what topics your PD is going to cover!

  3. Thank you for the tag. I have this meme on the back burner until school is out…three more weeks. I like what you chose to say in your “This I Believe” response.

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